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This statement provides information on IDD1548's policy in relation to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and relates to the personal information collection statement set out in IDD1548's terms and conditions. This statement is available in both English and Chinese. In the event of any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this statement, the English version shall prevail. Your subscribing to and using IDD1548's services will give us access to personal data relating to you and your accounts. This data includes personal identifying details such as your name, address and date of birth, the details and status of any of your accounts with IDD1548 or its related companies, your credit history, including any instances of credit defaults, dishonored cheques or credit infringements, information about your credit worthiness or capacity, and information relating to your phone calls including your telephone number, the telephone numbers you call and the times and duration of your calls.


We will use this data for the purpose of provision and administration of our services, including billing, applying our credit policy to your application, management of your account (including collection of overdue payments), and maintenance of credit records about you, and for development, research and marketing both to you and the people you call using our international phone services.

We will keep all personal data confidential with regard to third parties but as we are part of a larger group of companies operating internationally, we will from time to time also make available to other companies within the group (which may be located within Europe, Australia, Asia or the US) information relating to our operations and services, to facilitate management and global administration of our services, including data relating to you. Likewise, as part of our operations, we will from time to time need to make your data available to agents' credit operating agencies, credit providers, carriers, carriage service providers, business referees, employers and regulatory authorities. We may also make some data available to outside professional advisors including our accountants and lawyers.

Hardcopies of your personal data may be required to be collected from you for the purpose of identity verification. We will treat such hardcopies of your personal data in a confidential manner and access to hardcopies of your personal data will be restricted to the individuals or entities listed in the paragraph above. We will us our best endeavors to dispose of any hardcopies of your personal data within one month after the customer registration process is completed.

When you cease to be a customer of IDD1548 and the outstanding balance of your account is completely settled, we will erase your personal data from our records.

The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance provides you with the right:

(a) to confirm whether IDD1548 holds any data relating to you;

(b) to obtain a copy of that data, and

(c) to correct any inaccurate data that we may hold.

IDD1548 and its representatives may contact you directly with information about our services and products. If you do not wish to receive such information, please send us a written notice with your account number and signature then return to our Data Protection Officer.

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